Astronomy Convention

This year's Stratford upon Avon Astronomy Convention will be held at the Home Guard Club, Tiddington on 25 May 2002. The event is open to members of other astronomical societies and the public. We have an exciting line-up of lectures from professional astronomers and a number of astronomy trade stands.

Tickets £5 each - contact Steve Smith for further details.

Provisional timetable


Doors open


"The Ultimate Time Line"

Dr Francisco Diego - President of the Association for Astronomy Education. and Sally Price - Anthropologist and polymath. The cosmos and life within - the origin of everything and its evolution to the present time.


"GAIA: Unravelling the Milky Way"

Prof. Gerry Gilmore - Professor of Experimental Philosophy, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University. The future ESA space probe to reveal the secrets of the Milky way.


"Faster than light"

Dr Bob Lambourne - Head of the Open University's Physics and Astronomy Department. From early studies of the subject to space-time wormholes, cosmic inflation, exploding galaxies and spooky action-at-a-distance effects.


"The Universe Next Door"

Marcus Chown - Writer and Cosmology Consultant to the New Scientist.
Some challenging and weird ideas from some of the brightest and most imaginative minds in science.