Your Website Needs You

The Stratford upon Avon Astronomical Society website has grown enormously in recent years, but it is still by no means complete. To grow further, Your Website Needs You! Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Absolutely no web production experience is required. We will be happy to convert content given as plain text into completed web documents. To contribute, please Contact us.


Ways to contribute...

1. Write an article about astronomy – It could be a news item, an opinion piece or anything you want.

2. Submit images for the Image Gallery – Of particular value, are series of consecutive images that could be formed into an animation for the Multimedia Gallery.

3. Suggest links – If you think a website is worthy of inclusion in the Internet Links section, please tell us about it. Similarly, recommendations for the Books and Software sections would be useful.

4. Review your telescope – A short piece about a telescope you own or have used, would be very useful for the Buying a Telescope section.

5. Describe an astronomical object – A short piece about an astronomical object that you enjoy observing, would be extremely useful for the Guide to Observing section.

6. Anything else you can think of.