Stargazing Live : Friday 12th to Sunday 14th January 2018 - 6:30pm to 10:00pm

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Sunday 14-01-2018 21:30 Unfortunately, as expected, we were completely clouded out and we've packed up after the last visitors left. Over the weekend we've had around 100 visitors in all but this is the first year we've not been able to do any observing.

Sunday 14-01-2018 15:30 As expected, last night we were completely clouded out again. As before we had a much larger display of telescopes inside along with the talks and displays. Some forecasts for tonight are a little better but are still predicting it to be mostly or entirely cloudy. There is a slim chance that we might be able to see something but we shall just have to wait and see.

Saturday 13-01-2018 16:30 Last night we were completely clouded out so we couldn't do any observing. This did mean that we could have a much larger display of telescopes inside. We also had the usual talks and displays. The forecast tonight is also not good so we don't expect to be able to do any observing tonight but everything else will still be on. The forecasts for Sunday are not great but some forecasts are suggesting that the sky won't be completely covered with cloud but we shall have to wait and see.

Henley Star Party

Early in 2018 we are holding our usual Stargazing Live weekend outreach event at The Henley Golf Club.

In the event of cloudy skies we shall use the club house to show you videos, telescopes and discuss topics of Astronomy and Cosmology.

Telescopes indoors at last year's event

As in previous years we will be running a free public "Star Party". This will include a range of interesting activities for people of all ages, each evening from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th January from 6:30pm to around 10:00pm. This will be an opportunity for you, your friends, children, to see planets, moons and galaxies as well as to learn about astronomy and telescopes.

On our chosen dates astronomical twilight (when the sky is dark enough to observe fainter objects) begins not long after 18:25 GMT so visitors should be able to look through telescopes in the early evening. This will be helpful to those with young children with early bedtimes.

We are also extremely grateful to the hospitality shown us by the staff and management of The Henley Golf Club. They were tremendously helpful in making last year’s weekend a success.

In previous years we had great nights with around 200 people attending on the clearest night.

The photo above shows some of the telescopes we have had on display previously. There will be experts available to help visitors with advice about astronomy, telescopes and any other questions visitors may have. We also plan to have indoor briefing sessions to brief people about what can be observed that night, so as to make their skywatching more effective when they go outside.

What we can show you outside will depend on the weather. We will "spread the word" online via this site, Facebook and Twitter about how the weather is affecting us so please keep an eye on our news.


Telescopes outside at last year's event

The Henley Golf Club

The Henley Golf Club is an excellent venue for these events because it is located in an area that is much less light-polluted than many adjacent districts and offers a wide panorama of the sky.

The Golf Club will provide hot food & drinks along with a licensed bar.

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The Henley Golf Club, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire. B95 5QA