Equuleus, our newsletter is given out at meetings. It contains articles written by our members about the society and astronomy in general. Equuleus is edited by Julia Waller. If you would like to submit an article contact Julia Waller for details of how to do this.

New editions are released in time for the second meeting of each month. The date of each edition corresponds to the date of release, rather than the month afterwards, as is the case with most publications. Therefore, for most of the time it is normal for the date of the most recent issue to be that of the previous month.

Equuleus is available for download in Portable Document (*.pdf) format. To view Portable Document Files, you will need Adobe Reader or another pdf reader. Adobe Reader is available for free download from Adobe's Website. Many other pdf readers are available and some browsers can display pdf documents without needing any other software.

May 2024 Issue

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